Matt McGuirk

Web Developer

The Pitch

Superb Solutions

With over ten years of experience in information technology, my skillset is both broad and deep. Whether you need a custom-built website for your small business, an ecommerce solution to engage customers online, or a performative web application to satisfy users, I provide custom tailored solutions that exceed expectations.

Excellent Execution

Let’s be real: development resources can be cheap and plentiful. But like anything else, you get what you pay for. I pride myself on delivering clean, maintainable, standards-based work which meets requirements, functions well, and is built for the long haul: developed, documented, and delivered with quality.

Communication, Clarified

Projects live and die on the quality of communication. Clients, stakeholders, constituents, users, and developers must be able to exchange ideas and develop requirements quickly and fluidly. My extensive experience in project management ensures realistic requirements gathering, smooth collaboration, and exceptional deliverables.

The Proof

  • Certified: Professionally certified in web development by the New York University School of Professional Studies.
  • Skilled: Primarily front-end these days, but well-versed in back-end technologies as well, including Linux server administration.
  • Satisfied: Ten years of satisfied clients from fields as diverse as higher education, small business and sales-driven enterprises. References available on request.

The Proposal

I want to help make your next project awesome.

If you need a website or application, I encourage you to take a look at my portfolio, put together some basic information about your project, and get in touch with me.